How to fight criminal charges when you get caught with a crocodile in your bathtub

While I can’t say for sure, I’m guessing there aren’t too many cases out there that involve a missing child, his father’s ex-boyfriend, a well-secured house in one of the richest towns in the country, a suspicious couch, and a six foot crocodile being kept in the bathtub.

Unfortunately, State v. Ryder isn’t nearly as interesting as it sounds. The majority opinion of the Connecticut Supreme Court held that there was no objectively reasonable basis for a police officer to believe that an emergency was taking place, and so his warrantless search of the house was illegal and the evidence he discovered—a crocodile in the bathtub—was fruit of the poisonous tree and had to be suppressed. Meanwhile, the dissent argued that the majority got it all wrong and omitted important facts that proved how the police officer’s claim of emergency circumstances was actually quite reasonable.

Even more unfortunately, neither of the opinions provided any answers regarding most important question in the case—why was there a freakin’ crocodile in the bathtub in the first place?!?!

One response to “How to fight criminal charges when you get caught with a crocodile in your bathtub

  1. There was a crocodile in the bathtub because it wanted to be there. It was hiding from the buyers from Nieman and Bergdorf that intended to render it into a Judith Liber handbag, Channel perhaps. Why not hideout in a mansion? Would you rather be in a mansion where no one would look for you (except crooked cops) or in a swamp where ‘THEY ARE LOOKING FOR YOU. Me, I will go with the mansion.

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